obchod metrovým textilem a prádlem, vybavování interiérů a stínící systémy

TEXTIL LUDMILA s.r.o., prodejna / shop

Na hutích 13/693
PRAHA 6 (Dejvice)
160 00
Pon-Pá: 9:00-18:00 hod
So, Ne: zavřeno
tel.: 720943766



Our company has been in the market since 1992. You will appreciate with us a decent approach and precisely precisely processed orders, including professional realization. Our domain is quality production and high quality work. Many of our regular customers are proof of this.
Our goal is true quality at an affordable price.
We prefer serious access to our customers and suppliers and we will continue to do so.
Our business activities:
sale and installation of interior guiding and shading techniques
production, sale and installation of exterior shading equipment
hotel and brand gastronomic textiles
processing of household textiles
production of textile products for advertising purposes
If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us.
billing information:
Address: Na Hutích 13/693
         160 00 PRAGUE 6
IČO: 26425653
Tax ID: CZ26425653
OR in Prague. C, vl.81299